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Browse hundreds of small hatchback cars for sale at HPL Motors. Broad choice & price match promise. Value your car and apply for finance online. Snapshot – Traditionally, hatchbacks sold in India feature relatively short wheelbases. Combine this with a high ground clearance and you have cars that can take on the rough and tumble of Indian roads, read potholes that will shame the moon and speed breakers that seem like small hills.

The Chevy Sonic small car offers fuel efficiency, safety, technology, and a sedan or hatchback option perfect for any fleet. Learn more at GM Fleet. THE PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT®, DRIVING REINVENTED.

At PEUGEOT we have quite literally reinvented the wheel. This latest development in car interior architecture, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, features across the new PEUGEOT range. Small 4x4s deliver a great mix of talents for drivers needing practicality, off-road ability and rugged style in a single package.

These cars deliver all of these to varying degrees, and here we.

Small hatchback car
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